Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Approach new and successful

Recently, the theme of "run-up new and successful - PERA 2008" the year's successful completion of training students. PERA (PERA Global) 2008-year Zhaolu total of 40 final year students participated in more than a 4-day training; trainees from the Group's Shenyang, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen all branches.

In the first day of training to meet the meeting, Mr Cheung, president of "what kind of person I am", "PERA Global is what kind of company" and "Vision" three issues have dominated the line, explained the company has initiated " to blend the traditional Chinese Confucian culture, philosophy is the body in order to learn from the advanced management of the Western spirit of "the" home "culture and" self-improvement, discipline and Social Commitment "personal philosophy. His interaction with the new staff to communicate with us encourage each other: I hope that every employee in the security world can the future success stories in the Asia-Pacific find that page from immature to mature, and the track record for success.

Together with the most brilliant smile to write tomorrow

This year's training in self-health training in integrated development challenges, team cohesion, and teaching vocational skills training to enhance the advantages of fast, in 4 days of training in cross-promote, so that new employees in the rational and emotional, respectively, with the future career a clear understanding. Variety of training programs, close feelings corporate culture, learning basic job skills, enhance the confidence of new employees do a good job and a sense of belonging, in which "self awareness", "basic vocational skills", "High Challenge", "team development "projects such as a chain constantly inspire each and every new employee self-challenge. Whether or not a successful challenge, the process is over because everyone filled cowardice, fear, doubt the pace is brilliant. 4 days of collective life have brought the regional, inter-departmental colleagues to promote mutual understanding of new, and forged a profound friendship.

Start listening in quiet new life

"When I saw other people, even to see their" This is the training of new employees, many of the personal experience, but also the Asia-Pacific security world, "new approach" purposes. And in the past hope to achieve group cohesion and execution to enhance the goals are different, the training focused on the future of these young professionals to provide more useful for their own career development training. As long as the world starting in the Asia-Pacific security, safety, and the World Asia-Pacific is willing to run an obligation to make this process more meaningful. Security World Asia-Pacific welcomes the choice of every new future here, "outstanding achievements", they are also welcome here as the "outstanding achievements" new starting point.

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